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University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Founding Class, from back left: Karli Roessler, Kelsey Lambrecht, Delaney Dustman, Ashley Otto; from middle left: Amanda Tramm, Jordan Scmeling, Aubrey Klink, Kayla Lemmon; from front left: Cheyenne Linde, Christina Balgeman, Laura Pierpont

Chapter History and Bio:

Founded: Spring 2012

Founding Members: Christina Balgeman, Delaney Dustman, Aubrey Klink, Kayla Lemmon, Cheyenne Linde, Ashley Otto, Laura Pierpont, Karli Roessler, Jordan Schmeling, & Amanda Thomas Tramm

Chapter History and Bio:

Chapter Accolades:

  • 2012 Chapter Mile Award (most miles traveled by convention chapter attendees)

  • 2012 Outstanding President (Kayla Lemmon)

  • 2012 October Dove Chapter of the Month

  • 2013 Chapter of the Year

  • 2013 Outstanding Treasurer (Cheyenne Linde)

  • 2013 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2013 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Winner

  • 2014 Spring Rose Chapter of the Season

  • 2014 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Chapter Winner

  • 2014 October Chapter of the Month

  • 2014 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2015 Outstanding Chapter President (Karli Roessler)

  • 2015 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2016 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2017 Outstanding President (Kylie Markeland)

  • 2017 Outstanding Judicial Board Chair (Alexa Jean)

  • 2017 Outstanding Non-Sister (Mark and Patti Fluger, parents of two sisters)

  • 2017 President’s Choice - Trustee of the Year (Kayla Lemmon)

  • 2018 Spring Chapter of the Semester

  • 2018 Honorable Mention Outstanding Committee Chair (Danielle Moore)

  • 2018 Outstanding President (Emma Clark)

  • 2018 Sister of Service (Colleen Hineline)

  • 2019 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2019 Sister of the Year (Danielle Moore)

Chapter Fun Facts:

  • First chapter (and currently only) in Wisconsin

  • National Representation by Kayla Lemmon (current trustee) and formerly Ariane Sanders (former trustee, former mentor)

  • Past National Representation by Karli Roessler (mentor)

  • Cheyenne Linde served on Sisters by Grace Foundation for a time

  • Hosted Convention 2018

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