SAO Year of Prayer

Year of Prayer Guide: Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Prayer Requests: Let Us Share The Yolk As Sisters

Prayer Warriors: Sign Up to Support Sisters through Prayer

This world we live in is beautiful, it is God's, and it is in need. We are in need. Our sisterhood needs prayer. Daily. Hourly. Our Vice President of Mentors, Kayla Lemmon Johnson, has organized an initiative to bring us closer together in unity and in prayer, our SAO Year of Prayer. 

Every Monday on our national Facebook Message Board, a chapter, sister, or National Representative will go live between 7 PM and 9 PM ET with a brief devotional related to one portion of our creed. We want to encourage all chapters to lead us, active to alumnae, East Coast to West Coast, in a focused and prayerful reflection on impactful and relevant verses to us.

We also want to encourage sisters to send us your prayer requests, allowing our prayer warriors or devotional leaders to cover you in prayer. If you feel called to provide a prayer request, please click the button to the right. If you feel called to pray for these specific requests, please reach out to any National Representative and we will assist you.

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