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Lee University, Cleveland, TN

The Founding Class sisters from left to right: Mahima Johnson, Victoria Janelle Gentry, Rachel Phillips, Megan Ownbey, Sara Anne Ownbey, Emma Jane Servies, Ashley Bingham

Chapter Accolades:

  • 2015 Chapter of the Fall

  • 2016 Outstanding Non-Sister (Mr. Alan McClung, Faculty of Lee University)

  • 2016 Outstanding President (Bailey Niekamp)

  • 2016 Distinguished Chapter

  • 2017 Outstanding Vice President (Stephanie Stevens)

  • 2017 Outstanding T-Shirt Design

  • 2018 Outstanding Committee Chair (Alyssa Chevere)

  • 2018 Lily Award (Geneva Freeman)

  • 2018 Sister Achievement (Stephanie Stevens)

  • 2019 Lily Award (Chloe Emery)

  • 2019 Sister Achievement (Alyssa Chevere)

Chapter History and Bio:

Founded: April 12, 2014

Founding Members: Ashley Bingham, Victoria Janelle Gentry, Mahima Johnson, Megan Ownbey, Sara Anne Ownbey, Rachel Pioth, Emma Jane Servies

Chapter Contact Info:

Chapter Fun Facts:

  • They are the first National Greek Organization on their campus

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