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Emmanuel Bible College, Franklin Springs, GA

Chapter Accolades:

  • 2019 Outstanding Non-Sister (Ms. Joann Harper, Advisor)

  • 2019 Sister of Promise (Jenna Lee Fitzpatrick)

Chapter Fun Facts:

  • Emmanuel College was founded in 1919 as the Franklin Springs Institute

  • Franklin Springs where Emmanuel College is found was recently designated an All-Georgia Community by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Founding Class, back row from left: Whitnee "Princess Whit" Morgan, Cathryn "Katie" Cotterill, Tiarra Cobbs, Faith Toy; front row from left: Gabriel "Gabby" Brown, Darla Smith, Kelin Leverett

Chapter History and Bio:

Founded: February 10th, 2017

Founding Members: Gabriel "Gabby" Brown, Tiarra Cobbs, Cathryn "Katie" Cotterill, Kelin Levrett, Whitnee Morgan, Darla Smith, and Faith Toy

Chapter Contact Info:

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