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University of Texas, Austin, Texas


Chapter Accolades:

  • Coming soon!

Chapter Fun Facts:

  • The Texas State Capitol building in Austin is the largest state capitol in the United States.

  • The UT Austin boasts celebrity graduates such as Mathew McConahey, Kevin Durant and Ricky Williams.

Founding Members (left to right): (Back row) Michelle Robert, Meghan Co, Morgan Co, Anna Steed, Meghan Blakeslee (Front row) Dani Dubois, Natalie Beeson, Kendall

Lyons, Erin Wood

Chapter History and Bio:

Founded: September 8, 2020

Founding Members: Meghan Co, Michelle Robert, Morgan Co, Erin Wood, Kendall Lyons, Natalie Beeson, Anna Steed, Meghan Blakeslee, and Dani Dubois

Chapter Contact Info:

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